2024 News for PRSA Northeast District

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McPherson to deliver PRxNE keynote

Molly McPherson, crisis communications expert and TikTok influencer, will deliver the morning keynote address, “The TikTok of a Crisis: How to Quickly Respond to a Social Media Crisis and Come Out On Top.” Molly is a news junkie and culture enthusiast. She has harnessed her two- decade-long journey in public relations, emergency management, and the media industry to create an innovative approach to PR crisis management, particularly those that detonate online. In addition to her contributor role at Forbes.com, Molly is popularly called the “PR Lady” on TikTok – known for having a keen eye for deciphering subtext and drawing leadership lessons from breaking news stories. Here, she captivates her over 300,000-strong followers with her astute analysis of zeitgeist-defining famous cultural moments using her Indestructible PR® framework and nuggets from her book, ‘Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis.”